With your hateful words and actions you try to tear me down…

You enjoy when you think I’ve fallen and when I frown…

YOU walk around with YOUR head held high…

Yet you wonder why:

Why am I SO HAPPY…

You can’t understand why I can smile through all the pain!

Through YOUR struggles and heartache you wonder how much more you can take. Calling on family and friends to lift you up….

Yet not wanting to do the same…

Crying in the darkness

Never searching for the light!

Wishing someone ….anyone… was there to help you through your plight.

Then when you feel you can take no more,

God touches my heart, just as you almost hit the floor!

I reach out my hand to help you, but your heart is so hard that you resist.

However, God has touched my heart, so I persist!

Faintly, I hear you say:

“I don’t deserve your help. With my every action I tried to make you fall; with my words, I tried to break your spirit.

Yet here you are, in the time of my greatest despair…. Reaching out your hand to me… not to hit or hurt, but help me!

I feel shame! I feel guilt! I don’t deserve your help! Why? Why? Why?”

As tears form in my eyes, I can only reply….”It’s because of the Love of Jesus in my heart!”

MESSAGE: The person you look down upon today may be the very one God uses to lift you, rescue you and/or bless you! Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will love you. But in all that we say and do, we must let the light of Christ (Holy Spirit) shine in and through us so that God gets the glory from our lives!

“As much as possible, live peaceably with all me” Romans 12:18


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3 thoughts on “WHY?

  1. You and your gift …brang tears to my eyes….Oh my goodness….I can relate on both sides…and it’s truly amazing one can say…openly confess….Thank God it was a valuable lesson as this one that set on that right road after experiencing personally to know that I would not ever cause this feeling to come about from me…What am I saying…sometimes we learn how to treat someone after being treated as such…less…to know that the feeling is so awful it teaches a valuable lesson to not dish out something you know was hard to receive…like me I was hardheaded…but being hardheaded taught me how to be level-right headed from feeling something you know you don’t want another to feel….

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    1. I am so glad that the lesson (message) of this poem was not lost! Thank you for sharing your experiences, your thoughts and your confession! God Bless You!


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