“But… I’m just a child” Part 2

1981. Lots of people in a very big room. Grandma, center stage, lying very still peacefully… in what looked like a box… surrounded by flowers. Her eyes closed. She didn’t look completely like herself, but I knew it was her. No matter who said what, she didn’t respond. Grandma Pina had died. Although I didn’t understand death, I knew I would never see her again. I vaguely remember Mama crying, but I know it must’ve hurt to see her Mother, my grandmother…. Like that…..

So  there I was. Five years old. Just beginning to know the people in my life. Who they were. Why they were significant. What their roles were in my life. Romping around the neighborhood without a care in the world.  Beginning to build familial relationships and friendship ties.  Learning about life from the perspective of a young girl. Without warning it all changed. The security of family, friends and community – gone.

We moved from Chicago, IL to Racine, WI. From Racine to Milwaukee, WI.  Mama didn’t seem too interested in being a mother. She disappeared for days at time. No food. No clean clothes. Just me and my sisters. Sometimes there would be a man or a stranger with us, but rarely Mama.  We didn’t go to school. We didn’t have friends. We only had each other.

What do you do when you’re so young and you’ve been uprooted from the stability you knew? How are you supposed to feel? How do you cope with your own grief of losing a loved one? How do you continue to learn how to build healthy relationships with people and lasting friendships? The immediate answer is, you don’t. The most important question of them all, why are these even questions pertaining to a small child?


Next Article: PT 1 – MY body, MY temple, right?




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4 thoughts on ““But… I’m just a child” Part 2

  1. What a touching, gripping piece of you and your heart, given to us as we read on paper….What an ability to display vividly…and in every time you write….the enemy is angry….Since with what you went through you are unashamed since it is to the glory of God to be revealed from your lips…The enemy thought to silence your voice with what all you went through….Each time you share a piece of this fine work you write someone else’s life who can relate has a louder voice, using your story …Wow!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! You’re wis are very encouraging! I hope more ppl will read and follow my story as my purpose is to empowered ppl to move beyond .the past or present barriers/abused and for God to get the glory!!! Thank you again!


  2. I know this is you personal story, but so many aspects of it is so relatable! I am looking for the next posting…thank you for sharing and helping us heal 🙂

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    1. Awww hun!!! This means so much!! We all go through for a purpose! I never thought I’d have the courage to do this… BUT GOD!!! Thank you for following… I pray that you continue to be encouraged to the glory of God!!!


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